Mikis Theodorakis Returns Home After Lengthy Hospital Stay

Composer Mikis Theodorakis was released from the hospital on Thursday after sixteen days of treatment for a heart condition.

Theodorakis, 93, was transported on February 26 to the private Iatriko Kentro clinic in a northern suburb of Athens.

The globally-renowned composer had a pacemaker placement at the Athens Medical Center and his cardiac health will continue to be monitored from home, according to a medical report.

“Mikis Theodorakis was admitted to the Athens Medical Center on February 26, 2019, due to an episode of dyspnea and tachyarrhythmia and recurrent atrial fibrillation. In the following days, we issued intravenous medication,” according to a report issued by the Athens Medical Center.

“On March 8, he was subjected to an intravitreal pacemaker and to electrical reduction of the tachyarrhythmia. His intravenous medication continued for seven days, and on March 14, 2019, he was discharged from the Athens Medical Center,” the report added.

Theodorakis will continue to have his cardiac function monitored remotely, according to the announcement made by the hospital.

Source: AMNA