Greek President Honors Eight Distinguished Members of the Diaspora

Prokopis Pavlopoulos greets Greek athlete Katerina Stefanidi. Photo: AMNA

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, honored eight distinguished Greek nationals living abroad in a ceremony held at the Athens Concert Hall on Thursday evening.

The eight men and women were the first recipients of the “Argo Prize,” which is aimed at publicizing the achievements of Greeks abroad so that they become more widely known and appreciated in Greece.

Eight Argos will be awarded each year to outstanding Greeks who are not involved in activities which typically receive worldwide publicity, and whose achievements are therefore not known at home.

Among the eight individuals given the inaugural Argo Prizes for the year 2019 were Mary Katrantzou, a fashion designer who lives in the UK and who received the Argo for Entrepreneurship, and Auxentios Kalagos, a cardiovascular surgeon and professor living in Switzerland, who received the Argo prize for Humanitarian Contributions.

Katerina Stefanidi, an Olympic medalist pole vaulter who lives in the US, won the Argo for Sports achievement. Maria Themeli, a professor of medicine living in the Netherlands, won the Argo in the area of “Innovation.”

Athena Kousteni, an astronomer living in France who specializes in space exploration, won for her contributions in the field of Science. Andromache Karakatsani, a Canadian Supreme Court judge, won the Argo for Contribution to Public Affairs.

Yorgos Lanthimos, the acclaimed film director who lives in the US, won the Argo awarded for achievement in Culture and the Arts. Konstantin Filippou, a celebrity chef who lives in Austria, won the Argo for his work in the field of Gastronomy.

Source: AMNA