Teenage Greek-American Fashion Designer Launches in Greece (video)

Despina Kotsis, of MINX NYC, who is making waves in the fashion world designing her own  “Greek-centric” — inspired streetwear brand, came to Greece recently for the first time to launch #MINXGREECE.

The nineteen-year-old says she had a “life changing experience” during her visit and hopes her work will become known in the homeland of her ancestors.

Kotsis is a take-charge young woman who has dared to dream big. She runs her company completely by herself. In a recent interview with the Greek Reporter she told us “I run this whole company myself and I am a designer, marketer, PR, director, editor, photographer, etc.

“I know this may seem like a lot for a nineteen-year-old, and I am not going to lie — it is. But this is my passion and my dream and I will work hard until it becomes a success!” she declared.

During her visit in Athens, Kotsis shot a video with her clothing designs using teenage Greek models, with the Acropolis and the Parthenon as the background.