Swarms of Butterflies Pass through Cyprus

Dozens of unique kinds of butterflies have been passing through Cyprus by the millions this week, putting on a multicolor show for nature enthusiasts, Kathimerini Cyprus reports.
Hundreds of millions of butterflies are on their annual migration from Africa to northern regions for the summer, with Cypriots seeing thousands of the magnificent insects navigating by at very low altitude.
The “Vanessa cardui” variety is a very outgoing butterfly, with multiple colors and medium size. This type of butterfly is considered as one of the most beautiful of the Rhopalocera.
Witnesses have observed a fluttering pattern of this particular species, while Israeli media said experts believe many are waiting in Cyprus to reconnect with a swarm of their relatives from Israel. Then the entire group will move on to Turkey.
The Vanessa cardui tends to migrate en masse, even in billions, especially at the beginning of springtime, while some types have been known to migrate even during the early summer months.
Some of these butterflies will stay behind to give birth, clinging one by one onto special leaves, where their tiny caterpillars will find food and shelter, the Kathimerini Cyprus report concludes.