Greek Model Stuns Audience By Participating in Fashion Show in a Wheelchair (video)

The Greek model Georgia Kaltsi stunned the audience of Athens Exclusive Designers Week on Saturday by wheeling down the catwalk.

The 25-year old woman, from Greece’s Nafpaktos, was wearing a red dress and participated in the show, sparking waves of cheering to all those who were lucky enough to be there at such a moving moment.

Kaltsi had a car accident in 2015 in Athens and was hospitalized for more than four months.

After the accident, she lost her ability to walk and since then, her only way to move has been her wheelchair.

But Kaltsi did not withdraw from the life she loved.

After months of rehabilitation, she resumed doing the things she loved the most, such us sports and modeling.

In an older interview she had revealed that she spends her time skiing, swimming, canoeing and playing basketball.

Apart from all these outdoors activities, she’s now promoting the rights of people with mobility issues in the world of fashion.

You can watch her speaking in Greek about her experiences after the accident, at a speech she gave last October in Athens: