Strong Winds Continue to Cause Disruptions in Southern Greece (video)

File photo

The very strong winds that have swept across Greece since Thursday, caused disruptions in the city of Nafplio on Saturday.

According to the port authorities of Nafplio, Southern Greece, a speed boat was partially engulfed by water in the city’s port due to the very strong winds that battered the area for hours.

The winds of 10 Beaufort scale (approximately 60 miles per hour) battered the historic city on Saturday.

Locals and members of salvage groups who wanted to help the boat owner pull his boat out of the water but they could not do it as the winds were very strong.

They managed to lift the boat out of the water when the winds subsided.

Ferry Service

Ferry services from the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio resumed their services on Saturday evening, following a partial improvement of weather conditions.

Ferries will remain docked at the port of Rafina though, until further notice, while the ferry lines between Agia Marina and Nea Stira as well as the line between Kavala and Prinos remain inactive.

According to meteorologists, the strong winds across the Aegean Sea are expected to subside late on Sunday night.