EU Commission’s Athens Office Intentionally Leaks Fake News To Raise Awareness

The Office of the European Commission in Athens implemented a peculiar but clever idea to raise awareness about fake news on April Fool’s Day.

The Office leaked the fake news that the European Union intends to fine Greece for changing its clocks on Sunday.

According to the leaked fake news, the EU would fine Greece at the rate of €17,650 per hour, until Athens changed the clocks back to winter time.

After this weird news was published by several Greek media outlets, the European Commission’s Office in Athens released a statement in which it informed the public that this was nothing more than misinformation, leaked by …itself.

The Office wanted to raise awareness about the issue of misinformation and fake news, which plays a crucial but negative role in modern societies.

”The representative Office of the European Commission in Athens wanted to underline the need for all European citizens to be cautious opposite the phenomenon of fake news and misinformation,” the clarification statement said.

This was particularly important, it noted, “ahead of the public debate on the future of Europe ahead of Euro-elections and the protection of democratic rights.”