PM Tsipras, Varoufakis To Make Cameo Appearances in New Costa-Gavras Film

    Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis are said to have agreed to make cameo appearances in an upcoming film by Greek director Costa-Gavras.

    The Greek film director, who lives and works in France, is now turning the book “Adults in the Room,” which describes Varoufakis’ battles with Europe’s establishment, into a movie.

    According to reports, Costa-Gavras’ initial offer to the real-life protagonists to star in a recreation of the Greek political drama of 2015 was turned down.

    However, it has since emerged that both Tsipras and Varoufakis have agreed to appear in the film, albeit briefly. Greece’s Current finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos turned down the request to appear, reportedly saying: “I can’t act. My job is to focus on turning the Greek economy around.”

    Costa-Gavras directed the highly-charged 1969 political drama “Z”, a disguised treatment of the murder of Greek politician Giorgos Lambrakis. He favors provocative themes having to do with the political world.

    Varoufakis has denounced Tsipras for reneging on anti-austerity pledges and surrendering to the supposed “Troika” of the European Union-European Central Bank-European Stability Mechanism. The former finance minister claimed the Greek PM unfairly wrested money from workers, pensioners and the poor while playing up to his supposed political enemies.

    The pugnacious Varoufakis found himself isolated in meetings with his European Union peers in 2015 before being forced out by Tsipras because the finance minister refused to agree to further austerity measures.

    The announcement of the film came at the launching of the Greek edition of Varoufakis’ book at the Technopolis Center in late 2018, where Costa-Gavras’ intentions were disclosed via a letter he sent to the event.

    According to the letter, which Varoufakis posted on his website, the Greek-French film director said he felt inspired to turn the book into a movie after being “angered and enraged by the violence and indifference of the Eurogroup members.”

    Costa-Gavras said in the letter that this was especially true regarding “the German side, to the drama and unsustainable situation in which the people of Greece lived, and live.”

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