Centuries-old Traces of Mykonos Now Brought to Light

Remnants of Mykonos of centuries ago were revealed after excavations conducted by the  Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos.

According to the Mykonos Voice, the excavations on the site in front of the Aghios Nikolaos chapel, revealed the foundations of the old Yalos pier and the islet on which the chapel was built, connected by a bridge linking the two sites.

At the same time, the excavation is bringing to light the medieval settlement of Kastro next to Paraportiani and the medieval tower next to the church called Pyrgiani. The dig is proceeding at a rapid pace.

Municipal council member Miltiadis Atzamoglou said, “The finds that come to the surface offer important information about the life of the island’s inhabitants at that time. At the same time, they improve the area aesthetically and further highlight the historical value of the traditional settlement of Chora of our island.”

1895 Mykonos photo from the archive of Professor Panagiotis Kousathanas