82-Year-Old Greek Woman Going to Trial for Selling Wild Greens

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An elderly Greek woman is to due to appear in court in June charged with selling wild greens (horta) at a open market of Katerini, Macedonia in 2018. She is charged with selling the greens without a license.

82-year-old Parthena Alhazidou was arrested in March 2018, was slapped with a fine and ordered to appear at a local court on June 7.

According to her son, who was interviewed on Greek television, the woman, who is of Pontian descent, is so anxious that she no longer can face leaving her home. “She can’t believe she will face justice for selling six kilos of horta,” he said.

The case follows the arrest in late March of a 90-year-old woman in Thessaloniki for selling handmade knit woolen shoes without a license.

Her arrest generated a widespread uproar in Greek society, which forced the government to intervene and pay the resulting fine from public monies.