Activist Whose Bicycle Was Stolen In Thessaloniki Raises Money to Replace it

A Dutch activist whose bicycle was stolen in Thessaloniki on March 26 announced recently that he has managed to raise enough money to replace it, along with all the equipment he needs.

Jitse Bouma is raising money for children with cancer through his Stichting Dreamcycle foundation.

He decided to bicycle from Holland all the way to India in order to raise awareness about this critical issue.

Unfortunately, while he was in Thessaloniki, Greece, his bike was stolen and the news went viral all over the country.

The activist spoke to many Greek media outlets, trying to explain why his bicycle — and his quest to raise money for cancer research — matters so much to him.

Bouma recently uploaded a video on his Facebook page from Thessaloniki, announcing that the crowdfunding initiative he launched to raise money to buy a new bike and basic equipment was more than successful.

The Dutch activist, speaking from the port of Thessaloniki, thanked everyone who donated to his crowdfunding page, making his dream to bike to India and raise money for children’s cancer possible once again.

As of Wednesday evening, he had raised €6,515 from 217 different donations, more than one thousand euros more than his original target of €5,500.