Greek Fugitive Turned Hit Singer Arrested (video)

A Greek fugitive who had been on the lam for seventeen years was arrested earlier this week in Athens. But somehow in the intervening years he had managed to completely change his identity and lead a glamorous life in the show business world.

Konstantinos Gialouris disappeared in 2002 after failing to return to the Alikarnassos jail in Crete after a furlough. He was serving a six-year sentence for fraud and embezzlement.

The 45-year-old man then changed his name to Konstantinos Danaos, and over the years he became known initially on Crete and later in the rest of Greece as a journalist interviewing Greek B-list celebrities.

He later became a producer in the music industry and finally a singer. Danaos even had his own YouTube channel.

Gialouris managed to con unsuspecting people and showbiz personalities by his charming style and winning ways. He told people that he was a relative of various Greek actors and singers and that he had connections with well-known entrepreneurs.

His glamorous, glitzy double life finally came to an abrupt end this week following a chance questioning by the police in Omonoia Square in the center of Athens, where his false identity was finally uncovered.