”Doctors Without Borders” Secures Affordable Pneumonia Vaccines for Refugee Children in Greece

The humanitarian aid organization ”Médecins sans frontières” (Doctors Without Borders, or MSF) announced on Friday that they secured pneumonia vaccines at an affordable price in order to vaccinate children who live in refugee camps in Greece.

MSF noted that this is the first time that these vaccines have been purchased at a very low price in Europe.

The organization arranged for the purchase of the vaccines under the ”Humanitarian Mechanism” program, which secured a price of $9.00 per child for the vaccine, while the same shot in the US costs up to $560.00.

This is the first time the “Humanitarian Mechanism” has been used on European territory. Its aim is to tackle the urgent needs of the most vulnerable subgroup of refugees who have arrived in Greece, the children.

MSF had to secure the consent of the Greek Ministry of Health to make a request to the World Health Organization before making use of the new program.

”This was the first time that the mechanism was being used in a high-income country,” MSF Greece program director Apostolos Veizis told AMNA news agency, highlighting the significance of the new policy.