Athens and Washington Plan To Increase US Military Presence in Greece

Greece and the United States are exploring ways to expand the presence of the US military and American weapons in Greece, according to Greek media reports on Monday.

The two sides are attempting to consolidate the excellent relations between the two nations, with Washington expressing interest in participating more actively in joint military exercises with the Greek Army.

The Americans plan to upgrade the existing ”Iniochos” military exercise from a mid-range to a large-scale exercise, while broadening its scope.

According to Kathimerini newspaper, Greece now expects the American navy to have an increased presence in the Greek seas, and American vessels to stop more frequently at Greek ports.

There are also discussions about the expansion of the American presence at the air bases in Larissa and Stefanovikio.

The cities of Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis will continue serving as layover stops for the American military aircraft which fly to northern and Eastern Europe.

Greece also hopes to increase its cooperation with its largest NATO ally, the United States. However, according to experts, Athens needs to avoid being put in the middle of the latest American-Turkish confrontation over Ankara’s intention to purchase the Russian-made S-400 missile system.