”Pink Moon” Lights Up Greece’s Night Sky, Signaling the End of Winter

The full moon in Greece’s Nafplion. Photo by AMNA / Evangelos Mpougiotis

This year’s ”pink full moon” rose on Friday night and offered some spectacular views both in Greece and abroad.

The ”pink full moon” of 2019 coincided with Western Christianity’s Good Friday and according to folk legends, it is nature’s signal to mark the end of winter.

Each year, the full moon that takes place in April is called ”pink”, due to the different colorization it takes.

Particles in the atmosphere are the most crucial factor that gives this distinct color to the moon.

This April’s full moon was bigger in size too, as it was at its closest to our planet position, something that is called perigee.

While some parts of Greece weren’t lucky enough to see Friday’s full moon due to the cloudy sky, others enjoyed its bright night-light.

Photo by iefimerida