Fruitless Search for Missing Polish Climber in Crete Called Off

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An intensive search operation to locate a 64-year-old Polish man who went missing in Crete‘s Chania region on April 13 has now been called off. Search teams have not located the man, nor any sign of where his body might be.

The rescue teams which had been searching vast areas in the region’s mountains spent long days exhaustively searching for the missing man, who had gone hiking alone in the Sougia area near the city of Chania.

The effort lasted for more than ten days, without, unfortunately, finding any sign of the missing Polish national.

The missing man’s daughter had been in the area assisting the search effort, but she has now flown back to Poland after giving up hope of locating her father.

Members of the rescue teams who participated in the operation believe that the unfortunate man must still be somewhere in the area, but because of the extremely rugged and inaccessible nature of the area’s terrain, it is nearly impossible to locate him.

This comes only three days after three people were found dead and one seriously injured in Corinth’s Agios Lucas gorge, in the Peloponnese.

People who go hiking in Greece’s vast gorges and mountain ranges are advised to use extreme caution, as many areas are extremely dangerous for those who are not properly trained.