Search Continues as Cyprus Remains in Shock Over Officer’s Murders

The area of Mitsero is home to an old abandoned mine, whose drains and shafts have been flooded by underground waters for more than forty years. Photo by Philenews

Authorities on Cyprus are continuing their search to locate the body of the 6-year old daughter of Mary Rose, one of the victims of a 35-year old officer of the National Guard, who admitted last weekend to killing Rose, her daughter and another woman.

Cypriot and Greek citizens are still in shock over the details of the unbelievable story of cruelty which is being gradually unveiled by the Cypriot police.

”Orestis” was the nickname used on social media platforms by the 35-year-old suspect, who has confessed to the murderer of the 38-year old Rose, who was from the Philippines, and her 6-year old daughter. Orestis remains in custody at this time.

He admitted that he killed in Rose and her daughter as well as another woman in 2018, before disposing of the mother’s dead body in a 130-meter long mine drainage shaft in the Mitsero area near Nicosia.

”Orestis” said that he disposed of the six-year old’s dead body in a lake near Xiliato, a location which is eight miles west of Mitsero.

Despite the enormous ongoing efforts of the authorities, the body of the unfortunate girl has not yet been located.

The 35-year old officer admitted on Sunday that he had had sexual intercourse with another woman, and afterward, he had strangled her to death and thrown her body into the same mine drain where he had placed Rose’s body.

The Cypriot authorities found a second dead body in the drain last Saturday and they believe that it belongs to another Filipino national, Αrian Palanas Lozano.

The police now believes that the officer, who was a well-known photographer as well, might have killed many more unfortunate women, who have been missing for years.

Cases of missing Filipino nationals are now reopening on Cyprus. The authorities fear that the National Guard officer was nothing more than a serial killer who could have committed multiple murders for several years, without anyone remotely suspecting the extent of the crime.

Cyprus’ opposition AKEL party has already demanded the resignations of senior officials. It accuses them of negligence and incompetence in failing to understand early on the extent of the case.