Third Dead Body Found as Cyprus Authorities Probe Killer’s Motives

The area of Orounda, Cyprus. Photo from Cyprus’ Sigma TV twitter page

A third dead body was found in Cyprus on Holy Thursday afternoon at around 16:00 local time (13:00 GMT), believed to be part of the shocking case of the 35-year old National Guard officer who admitted to being a serial killer.

Cypriot media report that the 35-year old officer told the Cypriot police that he had buried another body in the shooting range of Orounda.

He allegedly admitted that apart from the two Filipino nationals, Mary Rose and Αrian Palanas Lozano, he also killed five more women.

A search operation began straight away in the region, which is near Cyprus’ capital of Nicosia, and a dead body was soon unearthed by police authorities.

The body has not been identified as of now, but it is obvious that it belongs to another victim of the 35-year old murderer.

Another search operation is underway to locate the body of Mary Rose’s six-year old daughter.