Greek Fishermen Catch One of Largest-Ever Tunas in the Aegean

A group of Greek fishermen caught a giant tuna fish, the biggest in the Aegean in recent years, and proudly hung it from the mast of their boat at the port of Naxos.

According to, the fishermen are the famous Makarounas brothers from Kalymnos and their fishing boat is aptly named “Kalymnos”.

Naxos residents were amazed when they saw the giant fish arriving at the island’s harbor, with the fishermen showing it off to other seamen.

The spectators applauded and cheered at the fishermen’s  prowess in catching the tuna fish, which weighed 288 kilos (636 pounds) and was 2.74 meters (9.13 feet) long.

The fishermen from Kalymnos have been very successful for many years. Their reputation has expanded over the boundaries of the Aegean Sea and has spread across the Mediterranean, according to

The particular bluefin tuna fish has red flesh. Its weight can reach up to 450 kilos (993 pounds).