Filipino Woman Claims She was Raped by Cyprus Serial Killer

According to a report by Kathimerini Cyprus,a woman from the Philippines added a new dimension to the Mitseros serial killer case after she filed a complaint that she had been raped by the suspect, Nicos Metaxas.

The 35-year-old Greek-Cypriot army officer has reportedly confessed to murdering seven Filipino females, including two minors, in what local media have called the island’s first serial killings.

The Filipina woman claims she was raped by the accused serial killer in 2017, while local reports show police received a preemptive complaint from Metaxas himself against his accuser two years ago.

The woman filed a formal accusation of rape after she discovered that the suspect had been arrested, and allegedly confessed to raping and killing several women from the Philippines.

Cypriot media have discovered that Metaxas had preemptively filed a complaint against the woman on February 28, 2017.

According to the Kathimerini Cyprus report, the suspect claimed in his complaint that he was receiving threats from a woman whom he described as a “former girlfriend” who was seeking revenge.

The suspect in the serial murders named the woman in a written statement he made as part of the 2017 complaint. Metaxas claimed that the two had had consensual sex, and he simply wanted to alert police in case the woman attempted to accuse him of rape. However, he asked at the time that the police not get involved.