Greece, Cyprus Among EU Nations Reaching ”Europe 2020” Education Targets

Eurostat announced recently that Greece and Cyprus are among the EU nations which reached or exceeded the targets laid out in the ”Europe 2020” Education strategy.

”Europe 2020” is an educational strategy set forward by the European Union to increase the number of EU citizens who complete their tertiary education and to decrease the number of those who leave school before they finish their studies.

In a report published on Friday, Eurostat, the official statistics agency of the European Union, noted that the highest share of those people aged 30-34 having a tertiary education were recorded in Cyprus and Lithuania.

”In 2018, at least half of the population aged 30 to 34 had completed tertiary education in Lithuania, at 57.6%, and Cyprus , with 57.1 percent,” the organization reported. Ireland was next, with 56.3%, then came Luxembourg at 56.2% and Sweden had 52 percent, according to the report.”

Greece is also among the nations which reached and surpassed the target, which had been set at a different point for every EU member state.

The ”Europe 2020” strategy’s target had been that at least 40 percent of 30 to 34-year-olds in the European Union should have completed their tertiary education by 2020. The EU crossed this threshold in 2018, with an average of 40.7 percent of its citizens who had completed their education.

Source: Eurostat

Concerning the ”early school leavers,” the proportion of individuals discontinuing their education and training decreased in 2018 in all EU member states, compared with numbers seen in 2006.

Eurostat mentions that the lowest proportions of early school leavers were observed in Croatia, with 3.3%, Slovenia, showing 4.2%, and Lithuania, with 4.6%. In Greece the corresponding number was 4.7%, in Poland it was 4.8%, and Ireland saw a surprising 5.0% of students lead their schooling before completion.

The highest numbers of those who left schooling or training were recorded in Spain, with 17.9%, Malta, at 17.5% and Romania, with 16.4%.

Cyprus was among the nations which have already fulfilled their 2020 national target for this indicator.

The ”Europe 2020” target is to reduce the rates of those who discontinue education and training to below 10 percent by 2020 across the Union.

Source: Eurostat