Greece’s Ruling SYRIZA Party Urges International Community to Mediate Venezuelan Crisis

Greece’s ruling left-wing party of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) issued a statement on Tuesday evening commenting on the dramatic developments in Venezuela.

SYRIZA noted in its statement that the only way forward is dialogue and democracy, urging both the government and opposition in Venezuela to find a way out of the crisis by holding snap presidential elections.

SYRIZA also condemned Juan Guaidó’s decision to move forward with his ”Operacion Libertad,” characterizing it as ”an undemocratic intervention against the elected government of Venezuela.”

The Greek ruling party’s statement concluded by noting that the international community now has a duty to mediate in the crisis in Venezuela to avoid violence and bloodshed, instead of fueling the tensions.

The Greek main opposition center-right New Democracy (ND) party has not yet commented on the Venezuelan uprising yet, but it has repeatedly accused SYRIZA of supporting Nicolas Maduro and his regime.