Migrant Arrivals From Turkey to Greece Step Up as Good Weather Prevails

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According to the latest figures which were made available by Greek authorities on Thursday, the number of migrants who tried to enter Greece from Turkey last week was significantly higher compared to one week prior.

A total of 662 people were recorded trying to enter the country via the Aegean sea last week, an increase of 218 individuals compared to the previous week, when 444 migrants entered Greece from Turkey.

Time has proven that each time the weather conditions improve in the Mediterranean, especially between May and October, the influx of undocumented migrants trying to reach European shores in the Aegean sea rises significantly.

This continues to occur despite the fact that the European Union has agreed with Turkey to stop the migrant flow by providing several billion euros in financial assistance to Ankara in order to maintain migrant camps on its territory.

Refugee and migrant camps on the Greek islands began to exceed their capacity a long time ago, so the Greek authorities, in cooperation with Brussels, are planning to create more camps, this time on the country’s mainland.

However, due to the upcoming local, national and European elections, these plans have been temporarily put off, as local communities have reacted strongly against any such proposals.