Greeks Have the Most Expensive Mobile Internet in Europe (graph)

The average costs for 1GB of mobile data across Europe has been revealed recently, with Greeks paying by far the most, and Ukrainians the least.

Data gathered by  in 2018 from 6,313 mobile data plans shows a stark disparity between European nations in what customers pay for what is now considered a necessary commodity.

Several countries pay more than $10 for 1 GB, including Portugal, where it is $13.98, Greece, where customers pay $32.71, and Switzerland, which sees an average of $20.22 per gigabyte used. However, users in the Ukraine pay only an astonishing $0.51 for the same amount of data.

Cell phone networks argue that the aforementioned charges in Greece are the listed rates and not the actual ones; corporate officials note that most customers receive offers with charges well below the original rates.

They also point to the high taxation in some countries, which accounts for some 40 percent of the monthly bill.

India is the cheapest worldwide for the same about of data usage, at only €0.23, while Zimbabwe has the most expensive mobile data anywhere in the world, at a whopping €66.39 per gigabyte.

The United States is one of the most expensive developed nations for mobile data usage, coming in at 182nd in the world.