Greek Anarchist Group Vandalize Lawyer’s Office; Threaten Judges

A leading member of the Greek anarchist group Rubicon (Rouvikonas) was arrested late Friday after a raid against a law office in Athens.

Footage posted on social media show the group smashing equipment at the law agency’s office that also serves as a debt collection agency on behalf of a bank.

According to police the 53-year-old man is a leading Rouvikonas activist.

In another development, acknowledged Rouvikonas leader Giorgos Kalaitzidis has threatened judges on his Facebook account if they do not grant a furlough to November 17 convict Dimitris Koufontinas.

Koufontinas, who is serving multiple life sentences for his role as the main gunman on several murders committed by the terrorist group is on hunger strike demanding a furlough.

He has been granted several furloughs in the past few years but was denied this time.