Greek Foreign Minister Warns Albania After Removal of Bilingual Signposts

Greek Foreign Minister George Katrougalos warned Albania on Monday that Athens will take legal action if the rights of the Greek minority in Albania are compromised in any way.

Speaking at an event organized by the Institute of Alternative Politics in Athens, Katrougalos referred to the issue of the removal of bilingual road signposts from ethnic Greek villages in northern Epirus, near the area of Finiki.

Katrougalos reiterated Greece’s political stance, which is in favor of Albania’s integration into the European Union — provided that Tirana respects the rights of the ethnic Greek minority in the country.

Regarding the issue of the properties owned by Greeks in the region of Himara, the Foreign Minister said that he has received reassurances from Albanian authorities that they will not be confiscated, as originally planned, as part of a broader project to revitalize the region.