IMF Charges Tsipras’ Relief Measures Are Moving in the Wrong Direction

IMF delegation chief Peter Dolman. Photo by Kathimerini

Peter Dolman, the chief of the IMF delegation in Greece, said on Thursday that Greek Premier Tsipras’ announced relief measures ”are moving in the wrong direction.”

Speaking at the third International Conference of the Economic Chamber of Greece, Dolman noted that the Greek government should ”move toward the direction of broadening its tax base.” This cannot be achieved with the annulment of the reduction of the tax-free threshold that Tsipras announced.

The senior IMF official also stated that, instead of focusing on measures for the short-term period, Athens should put its emphasis on the country’s medium and long-term growth.

Dolman also said that the Fund favors even more flexible forms of labor in Greece.

The IMF chief also charged the Greek government with putting more emphasis on achieving fiscal targets (which the Fund does desire Greece to meet) instead of targeting an increase in economic growth rates.