More Bad Weather To Hit Greece With Low Temperatures and Storms

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The current sunny spell is expected to give way to another extended bout of stormy and showery weather, starting on Sunday afternoon, the National Observatory of Athens weather service ”Meteo” said on Saturday.

A low pressure front, whose center is expected to remain in Italy until Tuesday, will bring rain, storms and a drop in temperatures as it passes over Greece.

The weather phenomena, including heavy rain and winds, will start in the northwest of the country on Sunday and will then spread to the rest of the mainland on Monday and Tuesday.

From Wednesday, the rain and storms will be restricted to the central and northern parts of Greece and mainly during the warm hours of the day.

Meteo warned that there is a chance of snow at very high altitudes in Greece’s mountains too.

Temperatures will drop between one and four degrees Celsius, except in the northeast Aegean and Crete, where they are expected to rise, due to the southerly winds.

Winds will not exceed in speed 7 Beaufort scale but there will be higher concentrations of dust on Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly causing muddy rain in many parts of the country.

(With information from A.M.N.A.)