Petrol Bombs Thrown at SYRIZA Party Offices in Central Athens

SYRIZA headquarters in Athens

A group of reportedly young people wearing hoodies threw petrol bombs at the ruling SYRIZA party offices in Central Athens on Saturday night.

Right after midnight local time, the group threw a series of petrol bombs at the stationed unit of Greek Riot Police (MAT), which was in front of the left-wing party’s headquarters at Koumoundourou square.

The police officers who were there used tear gas and chemicals to repel the troublemakers and managed to arrest seven of them.

A few hours later though, all of them were released as the authorities did not find any evidence against them.

Three cars and a motorbike were destroyed by the late-night attack.

SYRIZA issued a statement following the events, noting that the party is ”not intimidated by criminal acts of marginal elements of the underworld”, adding that ”the attack is not directed against SYRIZA, but against democracy”.