Athens and ‘Home Project’ Agreement on Protection of Unaccompanied Refugee Children

The City of Athens and the non-profit organization The Home Project have signed an agreement to work together to offer high-quality services to unaccompanied refugee children hosted in shelters in Athens.

According to a City of Athens announcement, the cooperation will focus on the protection, healthcare, welfare, education, empowerment and living conditions of refugee children, as well as actions to raise awareness on the issue of unaccompanied children.

The Home Project is a non-profit organization founded to meet the needs of unaccompanied refugee children and, according to the announcement, in the two years of its operation it has housed more than 350 children in its 11 guesthouses, offering full child protection, that includes medical care, psychological support, education, and social integration services.

In a statement, Athens Mayor Giorgos Broulias stated that “the City of Athens remains focused on its strategy for the management of the refugee issue and the integration of refugees. ”

(Source: Athens – Macedonian News Agency)