Cyprus Announces Flurry of Drilling Operations Over the Next Two Years

The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Cyprus announced on Tuesday a series of new drilling operations which will be conducted on behalf of the Republic within the next 24 months.

George Lakkotrypis made public that the Cypriot authorities have decided to conduct a total of eight drilling operations within Nicosia‘s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between now and 2021.

Six of the drillings will be exploratory, to search for new natural gas or oil reserves, and the remaining two will be of a confirmatory nature.

In addition to these actions, the Cypriot minister announced that Anastasiades’ administration is ready to license Block number 7 in the country’s EEZ, a region in which France has already expressed its desire to conduct research.

It is apparent that the Republic of Cyprus is choosing not to follow Turkey in its path of continued provocations and tensions, by simply moving forward with its plans to exercise its rights, based on international law.

According to experts, Cyprus’ EEZ Block 7 is crucial for the island nation’s ability to exercise its rights, because until now, no company has ever operated in the area, making it susceptible to Turkish provocations.