Greeks Remain Favorable Toward the EU, Survey Finds

A new survey published on Wednesday suggests that the majority of Greek citizens believe that Greece has benefited and is going to benefit in the future from its participation in the European Union.

The survey was conducted by MRB for the German-based Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, and involved 1,000 people who live in the country.

In answering the question whether or not Greece has benefited from its participation in the EU, 64.1 percent said that the country has benefited, with only one in three Greeks believing the opposite.

Source: MRB

When questioned about the future prospects of Greece inside the EU, 60.6 percent believe that the country will benefit and 31.6 percent believe that it will not.

The achievements that the Greeks claim the EU has brought to the country are peace and security, freedom of movement, stability due to the adoption of the Euro, improvement of infrastructure, diplomatic strengthening of the country, and protection of human rights.

Those voicing a contrary opinion blame the EU for imposing the will of the strongest member states on the weaker nations, of overwhelming interference from Brussels in national affairs, higher prices due to the Euro, a lack of true solidarity, and the incapability of Brussels to understand the nation’s real needs.

As for the upcoming European elections, the majority, 77 percent, of Greek citizens say that they intend to vote, with six out of ten Greeks stating that the Union is heading in the wrong direction.

Greece will hold this year’s European elections on this coming Sunday, May 26.