Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Dies After Falling Onto Electric Rail Line in Athens

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A tragic incident took place in Athens on Thursday afternoon, as a fourteen-year old girl allegedly committed suicide by falling on the electric railways lines belonging to ISAP.

The incident took place at the Moschato railway station.

ISAP is an electrified train line which is part of the Athenian metro system. It is “Line 1” in the system and connects Piraeus with the northern suburbs of Athens.

The trains have stopped their operations in the area currently and the only routes that are currently operating are those between Piraeus and Faliro as well as Tauros and Kifissia.

Four vehicles belonging to the local fire brigade, along with twelve men, rushed to the station to help the girl after passengers nearby witnessed the incident.

The fourteen-year-old was unfortunately declared dead at the scene.

The authorities are expected to conduct an investigation into the reasons behind this tragic occurrence.