Athens’ Exarchia Witnesses Fresh Clashes Between Anarchists and Police

File photo

Very early on Friday morning, Athens‘ downtown district of Exarchia witnessed yet another  series of clashes between so-called Anarchists and police forces.

A group of approximately twenty-five men came from nearby streets and threw Molotov cocktails at a unit of riot police which was stationed there.

The incident took place at two o’clock in the morning local time (midnight GMT+1) at the junction of Patission and Tositsa Streets in the Greek capital.

The police clashed with the men for approximately fifteen minutes, yet the officers did not manage to arrest any of the rioters.

A parked car was burnt down to the ground as a result of the clashes.

Greece’s opposition party, along with local residents, have repeatedly claimed that the Athenian district has become the epicenter of vandalism, lawlessness and crime in Greece.