Germany’s Schaeuble Admits Greece in Much Better Shape Now

Former German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. File photo

Germany’s former finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble admitted on Friday that the Greek economy is in a much better position than it was eight years ago.

Speaking with Greece’s TA NEA newspaper, the German politician noted that “Greece is in a much better position than it was eight years ago,” adding, however, that ”the country has not yet overcome all the difficulties.”

Schaeuble, in referred to Greece’s painful years of crisis, said that ”the reform process was not easy for Greece and it is still difficult, as all citizens have to make sacrifices.”

The former minister characteristically mentioned that ”of course, your country has not yet overcome all the difficulties, but you are in a much better position and you now have different economic prospects than eight years ago.”

Schaeuble is a center-right politician who served as Germany’s Minister of Finance from 2009 to 2017. He was one of the most prominent figures who played a crucial role during Greece’s financial crisis.

His stance made him widely controversial, as many politicians in Greece and across Europe accused him of a political obsession with austerity measures which halted growth prospects in Greece and across southern Europe.

Since 2017, Schaeuble has served as President of the Bundestag, Germany’s Parliament.