Greek Opposition Cries Foul Regarding Delay in Elections

Greek conservative opposition party New Democracy (ND) on Wednesday accused the governing SYRIZA Party of delaying the date of the snap elections in order to install senior judges of its choice.

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos affirmed that elections will be held on July 7, and not June 30 as originally thought.

He said the date was selected to avoid disruptions to students since university entrance exams are due to end on July 2, and many schools become polling stations.

Asked if the government intends to appoint senior judges soon, Tzanakopoulos replied: “The government retains all its powers and responsibilities. These decisions will be taken by the cabinet.”

However, ND claims that the new date will give the government time to replace, among others, the president and top prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who will step down on June 30 after having reached the obligatory retirement age.

The opposition party says that the government does not have the moral and political legitimacy to take decisions “that would bind the country in the coming years,” as it could soon be swept from power.

ND claims that the university entrance exams are a pretext for delaying the vote, as the disruption concerns only about 1,000 students and alternative means could easily have been found to accommodate their exams.

“I wish that this was the reason. Unfortunately, it is not,” said shadow defense minister Vassilis Kikilias.