Still Autumn? Bad Weather Persists in Most Parts of Greece

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The inclement weather in Greece will continue from Monday through Wednesday and in some parts of the country, even Thursday, the National Observatory of Athens ”meteo” service reported on Monday.

Rain and scattered showers will begin on Monday afternoon in western, central and northern regions of the country, in mountainous areas of the Peloponnese, over the north Ionian sea and possibly over the northern Aegean Sea as well.

The weather phenomena will be intense in some regions, mostly in Epirus and Macedonia in northern Greece and, in some cases, the rain may be accompanied by hail, which could cause damage to farm crops in the northern part of the country.

The rainstorms are expected to intensify on Tuesday and Wednesday, and spread to most parts of Greece, with heavy rain and storms affecting the region of Attica, including the city of Athens.

The average temperatures experienced so far this season are are also lower than expected for this time of the year.

Meteo forecasters indicate that the weather will eventually improve across the country from Thursday onward.