Supercars Galore on Mykonos for Gumball 3000 Rally (video)

The glitzy island paradise of Mykonos serves as the starting line for the 2019 version of the Gumball 3000 Rally, an annual supercar road trip which this year will finish in Ibiza, Spain.

Dozens of luxury cars have lined up on the cosmopolitan Greek island for the start, which is scheduled for Friday.

Taking place from June 7-15, 2019, the event will start with a two-day celebration on Mykonos, before traveling through another eight countries before it proceeds to Ibiza, where the rally will conclude with a weekend-long party.

Started in 1999, the Gumball 3000 Rally this year will have drivers travel along a different 3000-mile-long route, through capital cities and in front of hundreds of thousands of fans and photographers.

The Gumball shuts down famous landmarks in each city it passes through, where spectacular static car displays take place which are well-documented by the world’s press. The famous Gumball parties are also a much-anticipated highlight of the annual event.