Over 2,000 Greek and Migrant Students Participate in “A Home Away from Home” Contest

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Over 2,000 Greek and refugee students in Livadia participated in a competition to express their personal idea of home, with 100 of them winning prizes.

The competition “A Home Away from Home” that was meant to help improve attitudes towards refugees and migrants in Greece was sponsored by the Youth Awareness Committee (YAC). More than 2,000 students, including migrants and refugees, participated in the 2018-2019 contest with the valuable support of their teachers.

Students of 140 primary and secondary schools, evening schools, schools for children with disabilities, and classes for refugee children worked together or individually to create texts, posters, comics, sketches, and logos.

The 22nd National Student Contest gave students across Greece the chance to share ideas and experiences about what home means to each one of them and to also think about the men, women and children who have been forced to flee their homes to save themselves from war and persecution.

All participants received commemorative diplomas, those who won prizes are set to receive technological equipment either for their schools or themselves.

Members of YAC include the UNHCR; the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs; the National Center for Educational Research of Primary Schools (IPEM/DOE); the Greek Council for Refugees; the Hellenic Theater/Drama and Education Network; the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights; the Center for Intercultural Education of Athens University; the Research and Documentation Center (KE.ME.TE) of the Federation of Secondary Education Instructors (OLME); the Panhellenic Association of Arts Teachers; the Panhellenic Association of Literature Teachers; the Greek Ombudsman – Ombudsman for Children’s Rights; and UNHCR.