British Travel Advice for Greece Warns of Strikes, Wildfires, Mosquitoes

The British Foreign Office updated its travel advice over the weekend, just before the annual summer exodus to a number of countries popular with British tourists, including Greece.

Nearly three million Britons visited Greece in 2018, which was second only to the nation of Germany, which sent a total of more than four million tourists to our country last year.

The Foreign Office warned British travelers to be aware that there were regular strikes in Greece, and cautioned them to avoid any demonstrations.

It also warned about mosquitoes in the country, as there had been a number of cases of the West Nile Virus last year, and vacationers were advised to use repellent when outdoors.

Holidaymakers were also warned about overdoing it on the booze in Greece, admonishing them that authorities here do not tolerate “rowdy or indecent behavior.”

The statement said “The Greek police won’t accept rowdy or indecent behavior, especially where excessive drinking is involved. Greek courts impose heavy fines or prison sentences on people who behave indecently.”

The Foreign Office advisory also cautioned British travelers about the possibility of wildfires occurring in Greece during the summer.