Artists Create Sand Sculptures on Crete for a Cause

A series of beautiful sand sculptures were created in Crete by artists participating in the Fourth Annual Sand Sculpture Festival taking place this week at Ammoudara Beach, near Heraklion.

The aim of the festival, which has become a focal point for artists from throughout the world, is to raise awareness about the environment, and the protection of the seas in particular.

The organizer of the event, Manolis Charkoutsis, told the Athens-Macedonia News Agency that the Festival’s goal is to become an ongoing annual event in Crete “so that it can make people, especially the younger generation, more aware about environmental issues.”

The artists create human figures, as well as dolphins, finned fish, starfish, and octopi, which in the real world find themselves in a constant struggle against plastic, lost fishermen’s gear and other pollutants which foul the seas and beaches.