New Mykonos Airport to Blend Modernity with Cycladic Beauty (video)

Mykonos Airport is headed for a complete new redesign and new upgrades, Fraport Greece, the operator of fourteen Greek regional airports, announced on Tuesday.

The new €25 million design will blend modern architecture with the traditional character of the Cyclades, according to Fraport.

The new airport, which is expected to be completed by 2021, will be able to serve two million passengers annually by 2026. Today it can only serve 1.3 million per year.

Waiting lounge at Mykonos Airport

Air travelers will be served by sixteen check in counters and seven boarding gates.

A new arrivals hall will be created in the extension of the northern side of the existing building. There will also be a complete remodeling and renovation of the airport’s interiors, including an expansion of the area featuring shops and boutiques.

Fraport says that since 1971, when the airport on Mykonos was opened, it has undergone many expansions and refurbishments which only ended up obscuring its original character.

“We are particularly proud of the architectural design of the new airport,” stated Alexander Zinell, Fraport’s Chief Executive Officer, in the announcement.

“The new Mykonos Airport in 2021 will be synonymous with Cycladic architecture. Upon completion, Mykonos Airport will become one of the most modern airports — a tourist hub worthy of this this beautiful place,” Zinell added.