Missile Crashed in Occupied Cypriot Territories Came From Syrian Air Defense

Turkish Cypriots in the area where the debris fell. Photo by Kathimerini

The object that crashed onto Cypriot soil, on the occupied by Turkey side of the island early on Monday, was identified as a missile that was used by the Syrian army.

According to Syrian media, the governmental forces of Syria were firing against Israeli fighter jets that were operating in the area on Sunday night.

One of these missiles was ”fired from Syria and fell by accident”, the so-called ”Foreign Minister” of the Turkish Cypriot community told reporters on Monday.

The debris found on Cypriot soil is thought to belong to a Russian-made S-200 missile, that has a maximum range of up to 400 kilometers (approximately 250 miles).

Cyprus lies west of Syria and despite its geographical proximity to the Middle East, this was the first time that the island was physically impacted by the ongoing war operations in the region.