Athens’ Acropolis Shuts Down Due to Heatwave

Officials shut the gates leading to the Acropolis on Thursday

Greek authorities decided to close during midday the archaeological site of the Acropolis on Thursday due to the heatwave that is gripping the Greek capital and other cities.

According to a statement by the Athens Antiquities Ephorate, the site, visited by millions of tourists each year, will be shut on Thursday and Friday between 13:00 and 17:00 if temperatures in the city exceed 36 degrees Celsius – meaning that temperatures on the Acropolis will feel like more than 40C.

According to the same announcement “those who have bought e-tickets for the specific date and hours should send an e-mail to [email protected]

Temperatures have soared throughout Greece since Wednesday and in some places they have reached 40 degrees Celsius. The more heavily affected by the heat are Northern Greece, Thrace and Thessaly.

Authorities warn the public to take precautions against the heat, including drinking lots of water, light meals, avoid walking during mid-day or early afternoon and refraining from drinking alcohol.