Turkey Secretly Sends 42 Tanks to Occupied Part of Cyprus; Report

Turkey in a secret operation transported 42 German Leopard-2A4 supertanks to Kythrea in the Turkish-occupied northern part of Cyprus, according to a report on Tovima.gr news website.

The tanks and their ammunition were transported from the Turkish city of Edirne by cargo ship.

The report says the tanks belong to Turkey’s First Army in the Evros region, where all Turkish Army tanks with 120mm projectiles are kept.

According to the report, the U.S. Congress and the German government have forbidden the transfer to Cyprus of weapons systems that they have constructed.

Nevertheless, Ankara frequently uses American-made weapons systems.

The transport of the Leopard-2A4s by the Turkish occupation forces was noticed by the government of Cyprus. The report underlines that European-made armaments – in this case German – are used in the occupation of EU territory by a third country, namely Turkey.