Barn Turned into Home in Tinos

A former barn turned house

Apart from being an island with unparalleled beauty, hospitable residents and gastronomic delights, Tinos is full of ideas for design and architecture.

After Xinara House, the house that was renovated by two foreign designers which has the Greek summer hidden in its creation, a home that stands out for its uniqueness, is the creation of the architect Ioannis Exarchou.

Standing on the edge of a hillside overlooking the surrounding mountains and the valley, the stone house, that use to be a barn, creates a retreat of peace and quiet that gives a different meaning to holidays.

Stone House in Tinos

The house-retreat in Tinos

Large stones and thick tree branches have been placed on the roof of the house, while the walls have been covered with smooth, white plaster. The floor has been covered with concrete. The main entrance next to the front courtyard leads to a small corridor with wooden storage cabinets.

In one of the three spaces there is a sink and an extended table. Going down the stairs, the bedroom can be found, which has a small window overlooking the courtyard.

The bedroom

The layout has been completed with the courtyard design, the wooden oven and the external access. Exarchou built an open shower situated next to the bathroom.

“These traditional stone buildings offer a great lesson in architecture, they have a unique human scale and are incorporated in the landscape with little impact on the environment,” he said in statements to Dezeen, an online architecture and design magazine based in London.

The Kitchen

What is charming about the house is its simple lines that reflect a monastic mood. The house in Tinos is a unique holiday venue away from touristic centers and bustling, chaotic life.

A window overlooking the surrounding mountains and valley