Greek Police Arrest Suspect Over Evia Wildfire; Five Injured

A 64-year-old suspect was arrested on Thursday night as the culprit of the forest wildfire in the region of Manikia of Evia, which started at 14:15.

The man was arrested by officers of the Arson Crimes Division and investigating officers of the Kimi Fire Department Brigade because he allegedly caused the fire by using an open flame to burn crop residues around his house.

The 64-year-old will be brought before the Prosecutor of Chalkida on Friday afternoon.

The wildfires in Evia continue, as do the efforts of the Fire Service. So far five people have been hospitalized while villages have been evacuated. The victims have been transferred to the Alive Health Center  with respiratory problems, as the rescue unit told Skai television.

The Fire Service ordered the evacuation of the communities of Neochori, Daphne, Gavala and Lofiskos. Fires continue to rage in Agios Geogios and Gavala, while a new blaze broke out in Avlonario.

Fire in Attica under control

A new fire broke out in the wood hill area of Kato Vakalopoulos between Pikermi and Spata, Attica on Friday morning, approaching a shopping center.

According to information from the Fire Service, 15 vehicles with 40 firefighters, one mountain hiker unit and one helicopter have been employed to contain it.

The emergency measures are taken because in the Foinikas area where the fire is approaching there are scattered residencies.

Representatives from the shopping center said on ANT1 television that the blaze is on the opposite side and there is no danger for the center or the shoppers.

So far the flames are under control.