Final Results of General Election in Greece Released

Greece’s Ministry of the Interior issued the final results of the national election in Greece and the number of seats each party has in the new Parliament:

New Democracy: 39.85 percent, 158 seats
Syriza: 31.53 percent, 86 seats
Movement of Change: 8.10 percent, 22 seats
Communist Party: 5.3 percent, 15 seats
Greek Solution: 3.70 percent, 10 seats
DiEM 25: 3.44 percent, 9 seats
The remaining parties did not reach the 3 percent threshold, which is the minimum required to have representation in the Greek Parliament.
The blue prefectures are the ones where New Democracy prevails. In red are the prefectures where Syriza came first.
You can check the detailed results for each prefecture and the candidates elected to serve as MPs here