Heat Wave Hits Greece with 40C Temperatures and Above

Rising temperatures. Source: Wikipedia

Hopes that the heat wave that grilled parts of northern and western Europe last week would slide away from Greece were squashed by the National Observatory of Athens, which warned of a heat wave hitting Greece.

Warm air from Africa will bring a new heat wave to Greece from Sunday 07/07/2019 to Wednesday 10/07/2019, where temperatures will climb above 40C and possibly reach up to 42C in some places, the Observatory’s weather service ‘meteo’ said on Sunday. Temperatures will then drop significantly from Thursday.

At the same time, showers and storms are expected in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in northern Greece.

Forecasts show peak temperatures reaching 39 degrees in the continental area, while in the regions of Central Greece and mainly in Thessalia they will exceed 40 degrees.

The following map illustrates the high temperatures in Greece:

Heat wave in Greece. Source: Meteo.gr
Rising temperatures. Source: Meteo.gr

Citizens have been urged by the Greek authorities to take safety measures during the heat wave: Stay hydrated, avoid drinking alcohol and consuming heavy meals, avoid intense body exercise, take frequent showers and keep your indoor temperature cool.

Safety measures. Source: Meteo.gr