Investigation on American Scientist’s Death in Crete Points to Homicide (video)

The place where the body of US biologist Dr. Suzanne Eaton was found, its position and the fact it was covered with burlap, lead Greek authorities to the conclusion of homicide.

The body of the US scientist is currently at the coroner’s office in Chania, Crete so that an autopsy can be conducted later on Wednesday.

A police unit from Athens is conducting the investigation on the conditions of Dr. Eaton’s death and finding the culprit.

Dr. Eaton’s body was found in a labyrinthine cave with a 1.60 height at a distance of about 60 meters from the entrance, in a lateral position, bruised and reportedly covered with burlap or something similar, which is perhaps the most basic indication of possible manslaughter, according to news website.

Furthermore, access to the cave is especially difficult, so the person who dragged the body there must be someone who knows the area well. Specifically, there is a trench about two meters high and when one steps on it, there is a tree hiding the entrance. One has to part the thick branches in order to get inside.

Dr. Eaton, a scientist at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany was in Crete for a science conference, when she vanished on Tuesday July 2.